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Springfield-Greene County Library to Offer Internet Hot Spots

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Starting Monday, Springfield-Greene County Library card holders will be able to check out hot spots from several of the district’s brances. The hot spots are designed to connect people to the internet through their Wi-Fi enabled devices.

By doing so, the library district’s Kathleen O’Dell says the “digital divide” can be bridged.

“In the world today, we say that there is a “digital divide” and people who have internet connection are able to accomplish more, maybe able to research and learn more. They can just get ahead faster as well as being able to apply for (online) jobs and being able to communicate with people.”

The devices can be checked out by a card holder of any age and kept for three weeks. Similarly to other library materials, renewals are allowed if there is no waiting list for them. If the hot spot is not returned by the due-date it will be deactivate and the member will be charged the standard late fee.

The technology comes with simple instructions and was chosen by the library to help its patrons, says O’Dell.

“The library exists to help put people in touch with information and learning resources, so we feel like this is just a great way to improve people’s lives by helping close, a little bit, that ‘digital divide.’”

The library district also offers other technology to patrons for check out including iPads, Chrome books, and Kindles. The iPads and Chrome books, however, must stay inside the premises. O’Dell says the library hopes to offer those devices for take-home use in the future.

The hot spots can be checked out from the Springfield Library Station, Ash Grove, and Willard branches, but one can also request to have it delivered to the branch closest to them through the library’s website or by phone.

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