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Springfield Nature Center Revamps Exhibits

Trip Advisor

Beginning this week, the synonymously recognized exhibits of the Springfield Nature Center will be under construction to create a new experience for guests. Within the next three to four weeks the first phase of construction will renovate around one-third of the exhibit area. Linda Chorice, Nature Center manager, says that the current exhibits, while entertaining visitors for years, have passed their expiration date.

“The Nature Center exhibits have been here since the center opened 27 years ago, and most exhibits are designed for about a 10 year lifespan. Many of our visitors are repeat-visitors and we want to give them new experiences and new reasons to come back and visit the Nature Center.”

Funded through the Missouri Department of Conservation, the $450,000 project is paid for in part through state sale taxes and hunting and fishing license fees. Updates will include changes to the lobby, exhibit area entrance, spring pool, turtle tank, and the nocturnal room.

The remaining funds will be used in the second phase of construction, scheduled to begin in 2017, to renew the other exhibits in the center.

Throughout the whole transition, says Chorice, the educational focus of the center will remain.

“Our exhibits are designed to encourage learning at various age levels and really designed to teach people about the natural communities that are found here at the Nature Center and to also encourage them to go outdoors and experience those natural communities first hand.”

Although some portions of the exhibit area will be closed during construction, there will be no interference with the Eagle Day’s event this weekend.