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Missouri Highway Patrol Crime Stats Now Available Online

Morgan Austin

Although statistical reports have been collected by the Missouri State Highway Patrol for many years, this year marks its first online edition. As of this past week, the ‘Crime in Missouri’ report, statistics regarding criminal activity in Missouri, can be accessed easily through its website.

Captain John Hotz, director of the public information and education division, says that this step was taken to help the public.

“We wanted to do something to make it more user-friendly so that people all across the state could find those statistics and find them in a more efficient manner.”

The report is broken down by type of crime committed; ranging from motor vehicle theft to murder. There are also reports available detailing assaults made on officers and a comprehensive account of crimes listed by county and police department within that county. The most recent statistical data corresponds to 2014.

Some municipal police departments have been posting crime data online for years. Captain Hotz says from the patrol’s perspective, many will benefit from the new service.    

“A lot of people call and have questions about crime rates in different areas and if they’re going up or down. Also, a lot of people use them for research projects or grant applications.”

The Missouri State Highway patrol has worked to get the online version up and running for about a year. The crime reports for future years will be added as they become available

To look at the data visit the Missouri State Highway Patrol website here.