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International ‘Walk or Bike to School’ Day Approaching


‘Walk or Bike to School’ day is a global event that promotes health and wellness for young children. Beginning in 1997, the one-day occurrence unites thousands of schools in America and more than 40 countries touting safe routes to school. This year, the event falls on October 7th.

Organized by Partnership for a Walkable America, the day works to inspire communities to create safe and walkable streets for the next generation. Thousands of children are injured in motor vehicle accidents; 15,000 alone in 2009, according to the organization. Pedestrian safety, especially in neighborhoods and school areas, is the focus of this group. The walk became international in 2000 when Canada and the UK joined to clear a path for the youths of their countries.

To participate in the event, a parent can choose from three options depending on which works best for their family. The first option applies to families that live close to their child’s school. Families are encouraged to help their child find an accessible route to school so that they may walk or bike. Participants are encouraged to find other families to join to form a neighborhood group.

An option for children that live further away from school is designated starting points. For this, families gather at a closer location to allow their children to partake. In addition, families of disabled children or for those who live without safe routes, children are encouraged to walk at their school during recess or afterschool to show their support.

Nearly 4,800 schools took part in Walk/Bike to School in 2014, its largest participation to date. Find a list of participating schools in Missouri here. For more information, visit