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Pineapple Whip, Shaved Ice Among the Cool Treats on Hot Days

With heat index values topping well over 100 at times today, some Springfield residents braved the humidity to seek out a refreshing treat. Some of those seeking a respite from the weather gathered near the corner of Kansas Expressway and Battlefield Road.

“I’m Megan, and I came to Pineapple Whip because I love it. It’s my favorite summer dessert.”

“I’m Nancy, and I came to Pineapple Whip because of Megan, she loves it. And I love it too. It’s low calorie and very refreshing on a hot summer day.”

“I’m Tyler Abely. Actually, we just work down the road so thought we’d swing up by here and grab something really quick. It’s close and convenient. Pretty dang good.”

Then there was Glen, who says his family likes to get the pints, take them home and watch television or Netflix together.

“It’s one of our favorite places to come. We love coming here—like having the flavor of the month, whatever they have that’s different. We really kind of look for that too.”

Pineapple Whip is kind of like juice-based soft-serve, explains an employee, adding that you just need to try it for yourself to understand. The traditional pineapple flavor is carried at each of its three Springfield locations, but you can also have it mixed with a rotating flavor.

Another popular treat on days like today: shaved ice.

“Shaved ice is actually like very soft snow—like powdery snow—in a cup,” Patterson says. “You eat it out of a cup. I make sure you get delicious flavor in every bite—all the way through to the bottom.”

Sheri Patterson is the owner of Sheri’s Shaved ice on South Glenstone Avenue. Patterson makes all her own syrups to be mixed into the ‘snow.’

“I kind of just cater to my customers,” Patterson says. “I can go home and make a bottle, any flavor they want. So if I hear that somebody wants a flavor I don’t have, I bring it the next day.”

Sheri’s Shaved Ice closes for the season August 7. As for the high heat index values, they’ll be around through at least tomorrow, with an excessive heat warning in effect until 9 p.m. Tuesday.