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Greene County awards American Rescue Plan funds to 57 area small businesses,_Missouri
Greene County Historic Courthouse

County officials said that the awards announced Tuesday are just the first round. More federal Rescue Plan money will be awarded in the future.

Greene County Commissioners awarded more than $760,000 to 57 area small businesses this week.

A few months ago, the companies applied for a slice of the $56.8 million dollars allocated to Greene County out of the American Rescue Plan Act. The $1.9 trillion pandemic recovery package was signed by President Biden last year. Since then, Greene County set aside $8 million for small businesses.

Presiding Commissioner Bob Dixon said the county vetted applicants carefully.

"Process was really where we put our emphasis, because we knew if we got the process right, the cream would rise to the top and we would have good decisions," Dixon said Tuesday.

Recently, a federal court ordered Nixa lawmaker and medical clinic owner Trish Derges to give $300,000 back to Greene County. Derges got the money under a Trump administration COVID relief law — but she was recently convicted of 22 criminal counts including wire fraud.

Dixon said Greene County stands by its procedures for awarding coronavirus aid. He said in the wake of the Derges investigation, federal prosecutors and the FBI told him the county acted appropriately.

"To be told by investigators during that particular case that we really had a good process, it made us all feel good at Greene County," Dixon said.

Information about Greene County small-business Rescue Plan funding is available at

List of American Rescue Plan Act business awards

Here are the small-business recipients of ARPA funding that were announced Tuesday, July 26:

A Point Performing Arts $12,250

Acis IT Solutions $15,750

Allure Flea Market $11,250

Ball Architects PC $11,250

Beautiful Photo Props $5,000

Behavioral Learning Center LLC $11,500

BookMarx $10,000

Bub’s Distillery $11,750

Cart32 $11,250

Chill-Pak $24,250

Clark Family Medicine LLC $11,250

Classic Rock Coffee Downtown $10,750

Complete Weddings and Events $18,250

Culture Flock Clothing LLC $11,000

Dami LLC $10,000

Dental 32 LLC $13,250

Druff’s $13,250

Executive Data Control $15,250

Farmers Gastropub $20,000

Farrar Trucking LLC $5,000

Finnegans Wake $17,000

Getaway Golf $12,000

Great Escape Beer Works LLC $11,750

Greek Belly LLC $17,500

I Am Wireless LLC $13,500

In Home Solutions LLC $31,500

Indie Blue Salon $13,500

Jamaican Patty Co $10,000

Jump Mania $11,250

Lucent Digital LLC $11,500

MLP Accounting & Consulting LLC $10,500

Neighbor’s Mill Bakery-Café #1 $26,250

Neighbor’s Mill Bakery-Café #2 $19,250

Nelco Painting $5,000

Nimmo Roofing & Construction $12,000

Old Town European Market $12,250

OMC Outdoor Products LLC $11,750

Pearson-Kelly Office Products $28,750

Premier Pawn $10,825

Radio Comms Specialists $9,809.75

Recovery Outreach Services LLC $13,000

Repo Handling $10,000

Rockafellow Photography Inc $10,000

Rod Enterprises LLC $5,000

Roundtable Legal LLC $10,000

ShoMe Tint $15,500

Springfield Parking Company $15,000

Springfield Pottery $10,000

Springhill Stables LLC $7,400

Tinga Tacos $16,000

Trees By Rodney $8,500

Triad Lodging LLC $23,000

Wells Tire & Auto $13,500

Whalesong Games, LLC $11,500

White Plumbing Company Inc $19,750

White Stag Barber Co LLC $11,000

Gregory Holman is a KSMU reporter and editor focusing on public affairs.