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MoDOT Encourages Drivers to Rate Their Work Zones

Image Courtesy of MoDOT

The Missouri Department of Transportation, or MoDOT, is trying to make its work zones safer by asking drivers to completing a survey, rating their drive through the work zone.

As winter approaches, MoDOT work zones begin to diminish. But the recent completion of the Highway 60 and 65 interchange has given MoDOT lots of feedback for next year.

 “A hundred sets of eyes are better than one set of eyes.”

That's Angela Eden, a spokeswoman for MoDOT in southwest Missouri. She says this rating system has increased the safety of Missouri’s workers and drivers alike.

“If they saw something that concerned them or they felt was dangerous or even if they felt the work zone was great, we encourage them to give us feedback by going to our MoDOT website and filling out and online work zone evaluation,” said Eden.

Small adjustments like repositioning signing, re-aligning cones, or restriping work lines are the typical issues brought up by the MoDOT survey.

When MoDOT first started the 60-65 interchange project, local drivers made it clear they were not looking forward to the two yearlong traffic headaches. Eden says drivers who traveled the highways on a daily basis were pleasantly surprised when the traffic flowed smoothly.

“We had three bridges in place at one time there but we just kept shift traffic from one bridge to the other bridge as we completed various parts of the project. So we would never have to impact highway 65 or reduce lanes on highway 65,” said Eden.

Some regular comments coming from the evaluations are about why a lane is closed, when it appears to be complete. Eden says that a lot of times, especially when pouring new concrete, the road looks drivable but it hasn’t yet reached its maximum hardness or density.

“We try to respond back to the people who send in their evaluations, if they give us contact information. So that we can get back with them and we can say, 'Well, this is what we are going to do. Thank you for your comments, or we can’t do this because of this,'” said Eden.

This survey allows local drivers to directly communicate with MoDOT and vise-versa.

For KSMU News, I’m Shannon Bowers.