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Missouri State University Campus: Smoke-Free?


Missouri State University in Springfield says it takes pride in trying to improve the public well-being. The university’s mission is, after all, public affairs, but now it’s trying to up the ante and see whether a ban on smoking is the right choice for the school. KSMU’s Adam Hammons has more on how Missouri State might become a smoke-free campus.

Over the past few weeks a committee consisting of faculty, staff, administrators, and students has been debating the idea of having a smoke-free campus.

Dr. Earle Doman, Dean of students and chair for the committee, explains why the university is even addressing the issue.

“This has been a question that has been addressed by our staff senates, and our faculty senate. It’s a question that has come to my office many times, concerns about smoking on campus. [There have been] people complaining about tobacco products that get in their way.”

Doman also talked about how this is not a new thing, and that college campuses around the country, including OTC in Springfield, are becoming smoke-free.

On Wednesday, the Student Government Association at Missouri State held a discussion with students about how they feel on the issue. Gabriel Cassidy, a junior at MSU, gives his opinion about smoking.

“People have the right to do whatever they want really. They have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, and I think along with the right to life they also have the right to a slow painful death if they so choose.”

There will be another discussion for students to voice their opinion at the student union on October 5th.

Even though there has been talk about banning tobacco, Doman says the committee has not made a decision yet.

“I think very generally it’s open right now. We’re really listening, educating ourselves, informing. I think the attitude is to keep an open mind.”

The deadline for the committee to make a decision is December 15th.

For KSMU News, I’m Adam Hammons.