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Springfield City Council Considers Sales Tax Increase

Springfield City Council met Thursday night to discuss two bills involving a sales tax increase that would go towards the Police and Firefighters Pension System. KSMU’s Katie Easley was at the special meeting and has this report.

Both bills look at asking voters to approve a sales tax increase in November. One bill calls for a three-fourths cent increase on retail sales, and the other calls for a five-eighths cent increase. Those figures were based on recommendations from the Citizen Task Force.

The struggling police and firefighter pension system has been an ongoing problem for the city of Springfield. Mayor Jim O’Neal wants it solved.

“Whatever we put out there has got to address a multitude of issues here. So we’ve got some work to do for the next two weeks to make a decision on these bills. And then going forward, our work will not stop and we will have to work with every entity in the community to try and develop a multi faceted plan that can be accepted by the community, and as was said by several speakers, solves the problem,” says O'Neal.Another City Council meeting will be held August 24th for further discussion on these bills.

For KSMU News, I’m Katie Easley.