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Mid-May Brings More Bikes, Pedestrians and Bus Riders

Springfield residents are encouraged to put their car keys away for one week this May, and find other modes of transportation. KSMU’s Kristian Kriner reports.

Ozark Greenways is hosting its 12th annual “Bike, Bus, Walk to Work Week” May 11th -15th.

Ozark Greenways is a non-profit organization that helps create bike and walking trails in Springfield.

During that week, the organization is urging both students and adults to ride a bus, a bike or even walk to school or work.

Lori Tack is the program coordinator for Ozark Greenways.

“This week is just an opportunity to highlight the alternative transportation options that currently exist in Springfield that are ready to be used right now. Bike lanes we already have right now, bike routes, signage, the greenway trails and to get creative, that we can try to find a commute that uses cars less for pretty much the majority of people that work in Springfield,” Tack said.

She says the organization does this every year to help people get in shape and cut the costs that come with driving everywhere.

She says people should register online for the event to get a free breakfast from Panera Bread and free bus rides.

Tack says last year 800 people from several businesses and schools participated in “Bike, Bus, Walk to Work Week.” “The more people that support alternative transportation options like public transportation or the greenway trails or on-street bike route systems, the better those features become. Springfield has the opportunity to become a really great biking and pedestrian destination as well as a place to live,” Tack said.

Tack says this challenge to the community kicks off Friday, May 1st with “Bikefest” at first Friday Artwalk in the downtown square from 6-9pm.

There will be live music, information about alternative transportation, and decorated bikes on display.

For more information about “Bike, Bus, Walk to Work Week,” checkout our website

For KSMU News, I’m Kristian Kriner.