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Employment in Springfield Stays Relatively Strong

159,000 Americans lost their jobs in September--that's the most in more than five years. And Missouri has seen some of the highest unemployment rates in the country this year. But career agencies in Springfield there are still jobs to be found locally.KSMU's Alvin Chen reports.

Bill Dowling is the director of Work Force Development for the City of Springfield. He says the unemployment rate has risen in Springfield and surrounding areas. Currently, the unemployment rate is 5.3% in Springfield, compared to 4.2% the same time last year.

Dowling says, however, Missouri's urban areas of Kansas City and St. Louis are faring even worse.

Although there has been a drop in available jobs, Dowling says there are still many opportunities available.

Dowling also gives advice to people who are job hunting.

Katie Smith is the personnel manager for local job agency WillStaff Worldwide. She gives additional tips for job-seekers in Springfield.

Other tips include freshening up your work skills, and trying to find part-time or freelance work.

These experts said the areas of health care, customer service, hospitality, manufacturing and construction are the best places for job-seekers in Missouri to find employment right now.