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Springfield Victory Mission Helps Tornado Victims

A Springfield charity is distributing items to the victims of last Saturday's tornadoes in Neosho. KSMU's Kristian Kriner reports.

Springfield Victory Mission workers loaded and sent a truck, full of food, water, baby formula, blankets and pillows to needy families that now have nothing after the recent tornadoes.

Neal Scherer, the Warehouse Manager at Springfield Victory Mission, heard about the hundreds of homes that were destroyed and decided his organization should help.

He showed me the warehouse where Victory Mission keeps its donated goods.

"It may not be in our immediate community, but there is an immediate need. You know when something like this happens, the devastation that this caused to step up and say, okay, well we're a little tight but we need to help. We got it. And that's when I made my decision basically to say come on let's send some food and water down to them, pillows and give them what they need," Scherer said.

Jesse Reed is the Public Relations Director for Springfield Victory Mission.

He says AmeriCorps, the organization that is helping distribute the food and clothing has called Victory Mission, asking them to send more relief items.

"They said the things that they needed and we brought them to them. And then that's when they called us again and said we still need more bottled water, more baby food and more baby clothes as well," Reed said.

He says the donations Victory Mission receives are to help people in need, whether it's the hungry, homeless or the people affected by natural disasters such as this one.

"All of these items were a gift from the community and so we just want to be smart with the donations we have and make sure we give back to the community," Reed said.

Springfield Victory Mission will be gathering more food, clothing and water to send on another truck that will go to Neosho on Monday.

For KSMU News, I'm Kristian Kriner.