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Ozarks hit by Strong Winds/Tornadoes

The Ozarks were hit by a string of strong storms that moved through overnight. Michele Skalicky has more.

At least two people were killed in Southwest Missouri by tornadoes that moved thru the area last night.

A Greene County spokesman says an 84-year-old woman was killed near Strafford. In Webster County, authorities say a woman died when she was thrown from a mobile home near Marshfield.

At least 6 people were taken to hospitals by ambulance from the Marshfield area. Two are in critical condition.

There are numerous reports of property damage and downed trees and power lines. Ryan Nichols is Greene County Emergency Management Director.

There's no school today in East Newton, Pierce City, Republic, Strafford, Verona and Wheaton.

Bill Davis is meteorologist with the National Weather Service Office in Springfield. He says these types of storms are unusual for January.

Storms like the ones that moved thru overnight, he says, usually occur in March/April or October/November.

Davis and his colleagues will head out today to determine the strength of the tornadoes. He says it will be a difficult task.

Davis guesses some of the tornadoes had winds of at least 150 miles per hour and will be determined to be in the EF2 to EF3 range.

There are lots of flooded low-lying areas this morning. Davis says some areas probably received 4 or 5 inches of rain.