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Local Author Gets Kids Excited about Science

Local author David Harrison is getting national attention for one of his children's books. BUGS: Poems for Creeping Things, written by Harrison and illustrated by Ron Shepperson has been chosen for New York Public Library's annual "Children's Books 100 titles for reading and sharing." But its not just bugs Harrison is writing about. KSMU's Emily Nash tells us about how this local author is getting kids to join in his passion for science.

Children's author David Harrison has always loved bugs.

His book, BUGS: Poems for Creeping Things, explores the world of small creatures and insects.

Harrison reads one of the poems from his book.

While the book was written for fun, Harrison says some of the poems can be read by two voices which help children's reading fluency.

But Harrison's interest in science doesn't stop with bugs.

Recently Harrison says he has participated in an interactive video link that streams video from the River Bluff Cave, to classrooms in different states.

The River Bluff cave is a scientific cave and is too fragile to ever be open to the public.

The interactive video link lets students explore the cave without stepping inside it.

Harrison says he has written a new book about River Bluff Cave called Cave Detectives: Unraveling the Mystery of an Ice Age Cave.

Harrison has written 24 children's books, and says he hopes to continue to write books that get kids excited about science.