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Urban Districts Alliance Has New Study About Down Town Springfield

The Urban Districts Alliance released a study about housing in down town Springfield and it showed that there is a need for more housing. It shows that the area is continuing to grow and that there are more people wanting to live there, but they may not be who you would expect. The study shows that it's an older generation that will be making the move to down town. KSMU's Jana Greer has more.

After their kids grew up and left home, Terry Bloodworth and his wife left their two story home and 7 ½ acres of land to move to into a loft in down town Springfield.

According to the Urban Housing Market Study, that will be the new trend. As of now about 89-percent of downtown residents are under the age of forty, but Great Southern Bank's Vice President Brian Fogle says that will soon change.

Bloodworth says that downtown living has its ups and downs, but it's worth it.

The study showed that there is a need for more living space downtown, so there are plans to add about 550 more living units in the next five years. There are already plans to add two condominium buildings and more lofts. It is believed that the experience of the urban loft living and being close to art and entertainment is the reason why people are continuing to move to downtown.