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Education Conference Addresses What Role Religion Should Have in Public Schools

An education conference will be held at Missouri State University during the first week of October to address what role religion should have in public schools in the 21st century. KSMU's Greg Leuthen has a preview of the conference.

This is the third annual education conference held by the Academy for Educational Studies at Missouri State University. Last year, the conference addressed the issue of why kids hate school. In early October, presenters from over 15 states will give their opinions on this year's question: "What should the role of religion be in 21st century public schools?"

Steve Jones is the director of the Academy for Educational Studies at Missouri State University. He explains why the Academy chose this question.

The conference will feature three keynote speakers sharing different thoughts and information on the topic. The ACLU's Jeremy Gunn will be addressing the legal issues as well as how other countries are dealing with this question on October 3rd. On October 4th, Nel Noddings, professor of education at Stanford University who has authored several books on this issue, will have a presentation. The final keynote speaker is David French from the Alliance Defense Fund. He will talk about the defense of religious freedoms on October 5th. Steve Jones says he hopes everyone who comes to the conference appreciates the balanced approach taken to this controversial topic.

The entire three day conference is open to the public, but only the presentations by the keynote speakers will be free to the public. For more information on times, dates, and other information about the conference, follow the link at


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