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Springfield Convention and Visitor's Bureau's Says Tourism is Up

Tourism in Springfield is going up. Every year the Convention and Visitor's Bureau does a study to see how effective it is at attracting tourists to Springfield. The latest study found that tourism was up from last year. KSMU's Jana Greer reports.

The Convention and Visitor's Bureau finished its research on tourism in Springfield for 2006 and found that the demand on hotel rooms was up about 5-percent from 2005. Susan Wade is the Public Relations Manager for the Conventions and Visitors Bureau. She says there are many things that can affect tourism.

The study also found that on average people who visit Springfield, spend about six hundred forty one dollars during their visit. For each dollar spent on advertising Springfield, sixty-six dollars was generated. Wade says that the Conventions and Visitors Bureau will continue to try to bring tourists to Springfield.

Wade says that tourism is an important element for Springfield.

The study found that 67-pecent of people who visit Springfield say they were very satisfied and 74-percent say that they will be back.