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Greene County Estimates Road Damages from Floods at $535,000

The Greene County Highway Department is estimating that the flooding on Monday will cost the county at least 535 thousand dollars. The estimate is based on the known damage to roads and bridges in Greene County and as crews find more damage, that number is expected to grow. KSMU's Jana Greer reports.

On Monday, Southwest Missouri was hit with up to 12 inches of rain, causing flooding and damage to roads and bridges. Most of the damage from the rain in Greene County was in the northwest portion of the county. The estimated cost to repair the infrastructure is 535 thousand dollars. Duffy Mooney is the Chief Engineer for the Greene County Highway Department. He says he expects the estimated cost to continue to grow.

After the ice storm in January and another flood in June, Mooney says Monday's flooding is putting a strain on the department's budget and may delay other projects scheduled for the year.

The initial estimate has been submitted to the State Emergency Management Agency and will be submitted to the Federal Emergency Management Agency. The hope is that these agencies will provide some funding, possibly up to 75 percent of the cost.

Almost all of the roads damaged by flooding have been temporarily fixed and are now open and passable, but Mooney urges drivers to be careful in these areas.

The department began repairing the roads this week and expects more extensive repairs and repaving to be completed within six months.