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Independent Film from Missouri State Alumni Opens in Springfield

The independent film Chalk opened last night at the Moxie Cinema in downtown Springfield. The director/writer and two producers are alumni of Missouri State University. And one of the film's writers and actors Chris Mass attended Missouri State. Mass will be in Springfield Sunday for a special Teachers Appreciation Night showing of the mock-documentary about educators at Landers Theatre. KSMU's Missy Shelton recently caught up with Mass and files this report.

Caught someplace between what teachers actually do and what they sometimes wish they could do is the film Chalk. This mock documentary film is described by writer/actor Chris Mass as a comedic look at what public school teachers endure.

Mass along with the other writer and film's director Mike Akel wrote what they knew. They were high school teachers for just over three years. Mass says teachers clearly identify with the film and find it funny...but he says anyone who's been a student can appreciate the humor.

The film has earned recognition at several film festivals and is the first film to launch a new brand of movies under the label Morgan Spurlock Presents... The film's success has opened doors to more creative opportunities for Mass and writer/director Mike Akel. He says they're heading to California later this summer to pitch the idea of turning Chalk into a television series.

The film is playing for one week at the Moxie Cinema in Springfield...Mass and Producer David Gonzales will be in Springfield Sunday for a special showing of Chalk at Landers Theatre.