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University Presidents Call for More State Funds

University of Missouri President Elson Floyd and Missouri State University President Michael Nietzel shared a stage in Springfield today. They spoke to about 300 people at a citywide Rotary luncheon. KSMU's Missy Shelton reports.

The University of Missouri called the event the Missouri Public Higher Education Unity Tour in Springfield.

And with the one year anniversary of the name change for Missouri State University coming up at the end of the month, Missouri State University President Michael Nietzel told the group of Rotarians that he hopes to continue to develop a solid relationship with the University of Missouri.

The remarks from Elson Floyd and Michael Nietzel were unified around the theme of state support for public education.

Nietzel noted the decline in state funding for universities and colleges.

University of Missouri President Elson Floyd emphasized the importance of the state being a partner in providing students with an affordable education.

Floyd called on the Rotarians to talk to elected officials about the need to fund higher education.

Floyd and Nietzel gave some details about an upcoming event scheduled Monday...The two institutions will sign an agreement that will allow Missouri State to offer two engineering degrees in cooperation with the University of Missouri-Rolla.

They say this partnership is an example of how the universities are stretching the dollars they do get from the state to provide educational opportunities to more people.