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Local History

Downtown Branson Could Get A New Transportation System

Visitors to Branson's historic downtown could soon ride in a new transportation system if a sales tax is approved. KSMU's Christy Hendricks has the story.

Business owners in downtown Branson hope to perk up traffic with a new transportation system.

The Branson Board of Alderman recently approved the establishment of a Community Improvement District or C-I-D for downtown Branson.

Gayla Roten is the executive director of the Branson Downtown Main Street Association which petitioned the Board of Alderman for the C-I-D.

On June 6th, voters in the proposed Community Improvement District will decide whether to allow businesses within the C-I-D to collect an additional one-percent sales tax.

According to the City of Branson Finance Department, an extra 300-thousand dollars annually would be generated from the tax.

There are 102 businesses in the Community Improvement District.

Gayla Roten says even though the transportation would connect the downtown area to Branson Landing, the Branson Downtown Main Street Association hasn't determined what kind of transportation it will be.

Roten says research has shown that business and property owners, as well as tourists support the tax.

If approved, the Community Improvement District would begin collecting the extra tax on October first.