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KSMU Leadership Circle

"Setting an example is not the main means of influencing others. It is the only means."
Albert Einstein

What is the Leadership Circle?

KSMU’s Leadership Circle is a group of members who support KSMU with annual donations of $1000 or more. These individuals are deeply committed to the core values of public radio and demonstrate tremendous leadership in KSMU and the community through their financial commitment. 

Why join the Leadership Circle?

To play a leading role. KSMU strives to connect our listeners to new information and ideas to aid understanding of the connection between ourselves and our world. It takes contributions of all sizes to fulfill this mission and our Leadership Circle members take the lead, providing a strong base of support for the station’s operational costs. These major gifts are essential to the station’s overall health and ability to serve our community. 

To stay connected. Members of the KSMU Leadership Circle receive special correspondence from the station, including invitations to special events.

To lead by example. Leadership Circle members are an important part of the KSMU family and unofficial ambassadors for the mission of public radio. The example these members set, as stewards of public radio in their community, is a priceless message to listeners across the Ozarks. 

How can I become a member of the Leadership Circle?

There are two easy ways to become a member of KSMU’s Leadership Circle:
Make a one time gift to the station.
- OR -
Make your contribution in monthly installments as a Leadership Circle Sustainer.

For more information about KSMU’s Leadership Circle, please contact Lori Street at 417-836-3506 or