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On Your Mark, Get Set, Marathon


Many runners find themselves drawn to races and long runs – like marathons. But how do you begin to tackle the intense physical and mental hurdles that come?  

Dr. Sara Powell, assistant professor of kinesiology at Missouri State University, says that the distance is just one of the challenges to crossing the finish line.

In addition to getting fitted for good footwear, Powell provides some tips for training:

  • Find an incremental plan online.
  • Set SMARTER goals.
  • Train in all sorts of conditions.
  • Practice positive self-talk and imagery.

In her time as a runner, Powell remembers one time in particular that challenged her more than any other: it was during the Boston marathon several years ago. It wasn’t her first marathon, or even her first in that prestigious race, but the adverse weather conditions – rain, near freezing temperatures and high winds – were incredibly difficult.
But the self-talk and imagery got her through – even reaching a personal record.

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