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Mercy Is Disinfecting N95 Masks In Order To Have PPE Reserves

Used with permission

Governor Mike Parson announced this week that an N95 respirator decontamination system is coming to Missouri next week.  But a local hospital has been disinfecting masks for awhile now.  They’re available for use if new personal protective equipment runs out.

According to a news release from Mercy Springfield, the healthsystem has been collecting masks from its co-workers for weeks.  They’re sent to the health systems locations in Springfield and St. Louis to be disinfected with equipment called Altapure.  Mercy has used the system for years to disinfect patient rooms. 

Mercy senior vice president, Stephen Mackin, says the hydrogen misting system was a proactive step to be sure they’ll have additional reserves if they need them.

The vapor kills both viruses and bacteria.

Mercy can reprocess as many as 2,500 masks per day with its current units if that volume is ever needed.