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State Auditor Calls for Better Communication with Missouri Veterans

Nicole Galloway
Missouri Auditor's Office

Missouri Auditor Nicole Galloway has recommended several areas for improvement within the Missouri Veterans Commission following a review.

Galloway presented the results of an audit Thursday morning at the Mount Vernon Veterans Home. She’s asking the commission to, among other things, keep veterans updated on the status of their claims filed with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. Galloway said the Auditor's Office became aware of complaints from veterans after being contacted by Congresswoman Ann Wagner's office.

"This is how good government should work," Auditor Galloway said in a statement. "Congresswoman Ann Wagner brought this important issue to the attention of the State Auditor's Office, and auditors examined current practices to identify ways to better serve veterans. The commission took my staff's recommendations seriously and has committed to making these important improvements."

In response to the audit, the commission has agreed to update its communications policy to ensure veterans remain informed throughout the claims process.

"The work of the Missouri Veterans Commission is critical to ensuring Missouri veterans' needs are met and they have a voice in our state," Auditor Galloway said. "We all agree the brave men and women who have served our nation and our state need to understand the decisions commission employees make on their behalf. That's why I'm pleased that the commission's response to our recommendations shows a continued commitment to improving services for veterans and to putting them first."

Galloway also recommended the commission increase oversight to ensure staff make accurate, authorized changes when adjusting balances owed by veterans living in Missouri Veterans Homes. She also requested the organization work with the legislature to increase transparency of the funds designated for veterans homes to ensure expenditures are made appropriately.

The full audit can be read here.