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VIDEO: Pearson Transferred to Atlanta Hospital for Next Stage of Recovery

Springfield Police Department

The Springfield Police Department says Officer Aaron Pearson has been transferred to the Sheppard Center in Atlanta, where he will remain indefinitely as he continues his path to recovery.

Pearson was shot in the head early on the morning of Jan. 26.

Earlier this week Police Chief Paul Williams said Pearson was making “amazing progress,” and that he was able to walk with the aid of a walker and recognize his family members.

The Sheppard Center specializes in spinal cord and brain injury.

Watch as the Springfield Police Department honors Officer Pearson during a send-off to Atlanta.

“We are encouraged to see the amount of progress Aaron has made over the past 17 days, and we are looking forward to the day when we can welcome him home to Springfield,” a news release stated on Thursday. “We continue to be extremely impressed by and grateful for the amount of support we have seen extended by the Springfield area to Aaron and his family, and additionally, the SPD family. We will continue keeping Aaron and his family in our thoughts and prayers as he works to recover to the fullest."

Fundraisers to help with Pearson’s long-term care continue. You can find a list of events at

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