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Health Department Urges People to Get Flu Shots

Daniel Paquet

Influenza is starting to be seen in Greene County.  Michele Skalicky reports, as people gather for the holidays, the Springfield-Greene County Health Department wants you to protect yourself. 

Thanksgiving is over, but other holidays will soon be here, and people will get together to share food and friendship.  They might also share something else—illness.

According to Springfield-Greene County Health Department spokesperson Kathryn Wall, there have been nine confirmed cases of the flu so far this season in Greene County.

She said they’re urging people to get their flu shots.

"Anymore it is so easy to go find a vaccine anywhere.  You can go to Walgreens, Walmart, Price Cutters--there are all sorts of places now that have flu vaccine, so it makes it really easy to protect yourself," she said.

Anyone six months and older can get a flu shot, which will protect against the most common flu viruses expected to circulate this year. 

There are other ways you can protect yourself.

"First and foremost is washing your hands.  Good hand washing is very important," Wall said.

If you’re sick, cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze.  And disinfect things like door handles and kitchen countertops.