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With High Propane Prices, Officials Warn of Improper Use of Alternative Heat Sources

Officials warn against overloading outlets or connecting space heaters with an extension cord/Credit: Scott Harvey

Amid concerns both locally and amongst state lawmakers, Missouri’s attorney general announced Monday an investigation into the sharp and rapid rise in the price of propane.

Prices have reportedly climbed to four times the norm in some areas. As we noted last week, the issue has prompted calls from concerned citizens to some state lawmakers. While the industry claims a shortage, Missouri Sen. Mike Parson of Bolivar alleges excessive exports of the material.

“Cause they ship product overseas and they left us hanging, is what they did. They left Missourians hanging. You know what? We’re paying $6 a gallon, the people of this state are. You know what they’re paying over there? $2.,” Parson said.

In Greene County, Emergency Management Director Ryan Nichols acknowledges that a lot of local citizens rely on propane to heat their homes, businesses and schools. Nichols stressed that his office is working with local fire jurisdictions to get the word out and identify critical infrastructure needs dependent upon the fuel source.

Chief Nelson Prewitt is with the Ebenezer Fire Protection District, which covers a roughly 100 square-mile area of north Greene County. He says a lot citizens served by the district are heavy users of propane. Prewitt advises those who must turn to alternative heat methods to do so properly.

“Be sure you’re not overloading circuits, [and] not using the extension cords with those types of heaters, or [overloading] power strips are very common cause of fires.”

He also says to never use charcoal, camping stoves, or generators indoors.


Phill Brooks contributed to this report.