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National Walking Day: 30 Paths, 30 Minutes a Day


The American Heart Association and area partners are encouraging public support against heart disease today by participating in National Walking Day. Walk Springfield, a local initiative, has created 30 newly-designated walking paths equipped with tools to help the public identify details of each path using their smartphone. KSMU’s Shannon Bowers joined them this afternoon for a walk and has this report.

That is the beat of 100 steps per minute or about three miles per hour.

Walking at this pace for thirty minutes a day can help to lower chronic disease risk factors such as high blood pressure.

To celebrate National Walking Day, 30 walking paths across the Springfield area have been chosen by community partners to make physical activity more convenient and accessible, while encouraging the public to embrace a healthy lifestyle.

Walk Springfield reports that each local route will be marked with new signage that provides walkers with an opportunity to use their smartphone to learn more details about the paths.

 John Mooney is with the organization.

“The thing we really wanted to make sure we did was find routes all over Springfield where people live work and play.  And what you find now with the routes you find ones that are accessible no matter where you are in Springfield you can get to one,” said Mooney.

The beauty of walking is that you can do it anywhere, and these paths are located in different parts of Springfield, and vary in difficulty and scenery.

The American Heart Association encourages the public to incorporate walking into their daily schedules because 30 minutes a day spent walking on any of the 30 Springfield paths can improve overall heart health.

For KSMU News, I’m Shannon Bowers.

Here is a list of the 30 Routes chosen:

Chestfield Village

Botanical Center

Cooper Park

Cruse Dog Park

Dan Kinny Center

Doling Park

Drury University

Galloway Creek Greenway

Historic Battle of Springfield

Historic Commercial Street

HIstoric Downtown Springfield

Historic Walnut Street

Lake Springfield Park

Jordan Creek Greenway

Jordan Vally Park and Greenway

Little Sac River Trail

Nathanael Greene Park

Nicoles Park

Phelps Grave Park

Ritter Springs

Round Tree Neighborhood

Sequiota Park

South Creek Greenway One

South Creek Greenway Two
Southern Hills Neiborhood

West Central Neighborhood

Wilson Creek Greenway One

Wilson Creek Greenway Two

Chesterfield Family Center