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Nixa School Officials Visit the White House After Elementary School Wins Award in National Nutrition

Photo courtesy of Zac Rantz, Nixa Public Schools.

Dr. Kevin Kopp is principal at High Pointe Elementary in Nixa and is the wellness coordinator for the entire Nixa Public School District. Earlier this year, High Pointe earned a bronze award in the Healthier US Schools Challenge, and that’s what earned him and one other district administrator an invitation to the White House. Kopp explains what the district has done to encourage kids to make healthy food choices.

Kopp says two elementary schools offer salad bars. He says the salad bar has been especially popular with students.

Kopp says he thinks teaching kids to make healthy choices at school will impact how they eat at home and at restaurants. When I spoke with Kopp last week, I asked what he wants to say if he has the chance to talk with First Lady Michelle Obama at the White House. He told me he just wants to thank her for drawing attention to childhood obesity and the importance of helping kids eat right and exercise.