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Teams, Workers Continue Duties Outside Despite Extreme Heat

Photo credit: Jeremy Shreckhise

These are the dog days of summer and the Ozarks has recently experience some intense heat.  As KSMU’s Scott Butler reports, people are doing their best to stay cool.

I’m on the campus of Missouri State and several construction crews are on site continuing to work in this heat.  The crews are working on buildings, like Glass Hall and the New Student Rec-Center.  Battling this heat is an issue and there are several ways to beat it.

“First and foremost, drink plenty of water.  Even if you’re not thirsty, drink plenty of water,” said Jeter.

That was Katie Towns-Jeter, the spokesperson for the Springfield-Greene County Health Department.  Jeter also said other tips include avoiding strenuous work or exercise during the hottest parts of the day and stay in an air-conditioned facility, as much as possible.

Nathan Murphy is on a construction crew working on Glass Hall.  He is doing his part to stay cool.

“Trying to stay in the shade and drink a lot of water,” he said.

Murphy said he and his co-workers get a couple of breaks during an eight hour day and use that time to try to stay cool. 

The heat isn’t just a concern for construction workers.

According to a spokesman for Missouri State Athletics, teams sometimes condition their players outside and to beat the heat, they run in the early morning or late afternoon.  However, in most cases, they will condition their players inside, especially for the indoor sports.

Staying inside is a good idea while a high pressure system is parked over the Ozarks.

Meteorologist Andy Boxell.

“That’s resulted in a lot of clear skies and with dry ground in place, here, across the area as well as the southwest flow of the surface, its bringing in very, very warm air from a drought stricken southern Kansas, Oklahoma and even parts of Texas.  That has resulted in afternoon high temperatures here across the region,” he said.

Boxell said that a few showers and thunderstorms are possible for the next couple of days but the extreme heat should be back soon after. 

For KSMU News, I’m Scott Butler.