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Sequiota Park to be Upgraded

The City of Springfield broke ground Monday at Sequiota Park, kicking off the new improvements that will be made there. KSMU’s Adam Hammons went to see what will change.

It’s part of a series of waterway improvements in Springfield that started with Fassnight Park near Parkview High School.

Jodie Adams is the director of parks at the Springfield Greene County Park Board.

“We’re working on Fassnight right now as many people know and we’ve been working on that improvement. And of course Campbell is open today but that waterway is coming along, and again that all helps with flooding throughout our community.”

Adams says there will be many improvements to the Sequiota Park Lake.

“The main real focus of this is going to be the lake is going to be all restored. We’re restoring the bottom of the lake, and we’re restoring all the wall systems, the spillways, the bridges that need to be replaced, and really the huge waterway that’s in the middle of this.”

I’m here at Sequoia Park on South Lone Pine in Springfield where the city is planning on new improvements to the park. The sound you hear behind me is water flowing underneath the bridge that flows to the lake. And just a short walk away from me is a cement waterway in the middle of the park. Looking at the waterway it does need some improvement.

“You see kids all the time jumping down in the channel and it’s really not real safe the way it is right now and so we’re going to open this up to where it’s a lot more accessible. People can enjoy the natural rock formations that we have out here.”

That’s Todd Wagner, the principal stormwater engineer with Springfield Public Works. He says they plan on making the channel not as deep and more natural looking.

The city also plans on building a new parking lot at the park. The 1.8 million dollar project is being funded by the 2006 County wide parks sales tax.

Construction is expected to be completed by fall of 2011.

For KSMU News, I’m Adam Hammons.