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Greene County Changes Some Polling Places

The Greene County Clerk’s Office will be mailing cards to voters whose polling sites have been changed for the City of Springfield’s upcoming primary. KSMU's Kristian Kriner reports.

The election is set for February 3rd.

Richard Struckhoff, the Greene County Clerk, says some of the polling changes will be permanent and others will be temporary.

"These are people who live in townships generally outside the city of Springfield, but portions of those townships have been annexed by the city. So we do have a few city residents who are registered voters and eligible to vote in those townships. But because there is just a few in each one, rather than open a polling place we are moving them to existing polling places in the city," Struckhoff said.

Struckhoff says voters whose polling place will be moved temporarily will receive a yellow postcard.

He says green postcards will be sent to those whose polling site will be changed permanently.

Struckhoff says it’s important for voters to know where to vote, especially for this upcoming election.

"On the February ballot there will be a primary for the office of mayor and some other city council seats. In addition to that there will be an issue on the ballot, a one percent sales tax increase on the city ballot," Struckhoff said.

For KSMU News, I'm Kristian Kriner.

Below is the list of polling places which have been changed:

1st Campbell-moving to High Street Baptist, 900 N Eastgate

3rd N Campbell A- to Kansas Expressway Church of Christ, 2540 N Kansas Expwy

2nd N Campbell- to National Heights Baptist, 3050 N National

Clay-C- to Springfield Community Church of the Nazarene, 2616 E Battlefield

2nd Campbell-A- to Sunset Church of Christ, 1222 W Sunset

Brookline & 2nd Campbell-B/CN- to Springfield Fire Station #8, 1405 S Scenic

E Clay-A- to Sequiota, 3414 S Mentor

Cherokee- to The Library Center, 4653 S Campbell

Wilson-A/CW- to Springfield 1st Nazarene Church, 3245 S Kansas Ave


11/31-C- High Street Baptist Church, 900 N Eastgate

22-C- Central Christian Church, 1475 N Washington

27-BC- Kansas Expressway Church of Christ, 2540 N Kansas Expwy

32-AC- Brentwood Christian Church, 1900 E Barataria