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Ozark School District Buys Facility to Expand Its High School in Phase One of “Long Range Plan”

Ozark School District


With the recent purchase of a new building, the Ozark Public School District will be able to expand its high school. The purchase is part of a long-term plan for the school district.

The purchase of the Fasco building at 1600 West Jackson St. marks the kick off of phase one of the Long Range Plan for the Ozark School District. The building will be converted into an extension of Ozark High School, and the district offices will relocate to the facility. Existing programs will be moved to the building, and high demand programs will be added, according to district officials.

School Board President Jeff Laney says the renovation will give high school students access to new educational opportunities unavailable at the previous location.

The first phase of the district’s Long Range Plan, called Operation Renovate & Innovate, focuses on renovation of Ozark’s school infrastructure.

Chris Bauman, Superintendent of Ozark schools, says the plan is part of an effort to cultivate students’ talents and prepare them to transition to life after graduation.

“Our process is directly connected to that next step, so it’s just as easy as I go from ninth grade to tenth grade, I go from twelfth grade to my next venture in regard to my career or my personal interest,” Bauman told KSMU.

Next steps include remodeling and adding a storm shelter to Ozark Middle School and an expansion of the Tiger Paw childhood center. The total cost of Phase One is expected to be $25 and a half million. According to district officials, a bond issue to complete the projects could be on the ballot as early as next April.

Under the plan the four elementary buildings will house kindergarten through fourth grade, fifth and sixth grades will be at Ozark Middle School, and ninth grade students will return to the high school.