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Bradleyville Teacher is Working to Save Lives through Education

Skaggs Foundation

Heart disease is the number one cause of death in Taney County, but a teacher in a small, rural school district is working to bring those numbers down. 

Lisa Taylor is a family and consumer sciences and health teacher at Bradleyville High School, a small, rural community in northeastern Taney County.  She received a $4700 Skaggs Legacy Endowment grant from the Skaggs Foundation.  She’s using the funds to train and certify students and community members in CPR, AED and First Aid.  She's incorporated CPR training into her classes in the past, but she hasn't been able to offer it for a few years.  When she received the grant money, she was able to update her instructor license and start offering it again.

Taylor told KSMU that the closest ambulance station to the school is 17 minutes away, and it’s even further away from people in other parts of the Bradleyville district.

Credit Skaggs Foundation
Bradleyville Teacher Lisa Taylor

"We do have first responders in our community that are a great assistance," she said, "but they have other jobs, and by the time they're able to get there, I mean, it's just really a necessity, I feel like, for the people to have that information and that practice to be able to offer that service."

By teaching students and community members lifesaving techniques, she hopes more people who experience medical emergencies will have someone nearby who can help.

"Along the highways, on their farms, in the home, hopefully they will feel more empowered to offer help any time that the situation arises," said Taylor.

She taught her first class in December, and she’s planning others.  She’s also added the certification of CPR, AED and First Aid to the required health course curriculum, so all Bradleyville graduates will have received training. 

To learn about upcomng community CPR, AED and First Aid classes in Bradleyville, email