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Springfield Native to Explore All of Missouri River – Beginning in Montana

Allen Gathman

A retired mathematics educator at Missouri State University plans to spend 45 days exploring the Missouri River by car from start to finish.

One August 1, Larry Campbell will begin his exploration in Three Forks, Montana, which is the official start of the Missouri River.

From there he plans to stop in towns along the river to take photographs, visit important sites, and interview local people.

“So I’ll be interviewing people that have lived there all their lives or just local celebrities or colorful people - just a whole collection of stories,” Campbell adds.

According to Campbell, the idea of the trip was inspired by a book he read by Gayle Harper. She is a Springfield native and wrote about her journey along the Mississippi River.

“The idea just reached out and grabbed me and so I decided to do the Missouri River as it being inspired by what she did on the Mississippi,” Campbell says.

Campbell says that two companies are interested in possibly turning his adventure into a book. However, nothing has been guaranteed.

“If I get a book out of it and it comes out nicely, then to me that’s icing on the cake, and that would also allow me to help share the story with other people,” Campbell states.

Campbell will be blogging along the way, writing about and sharing photographs of his so others can follow.

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