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Joplin to Begin Inaugural Citizens Academy

City of Joplin website

The city of Joplin will offer a unique look into the workings of its government this fall with a free training program.

Over the course of the 9-week Joplin Citizens Academy participants will learn the various services offered by the city and how its government operates.

Lynn Onstot is the city’s public Information officer.

“Citizens will have an opportunity to visit with each department head or division head within departments, so they can learn a little bit about each department.” says Onstot.

While programs like this one are not uncommon among police and fire departments, the Citizens Academy offers an overview of the entire operation of city government.

“General government academies are a little bit different because again, they are the umbrella of city government as a whole.” Onstot says.

Beginning Sept. 3 the academy will hold classes every Thursday at City Hall from 6-8pm. Some of these classes will tour different city facilities across Joplin. For those tours the city will provide transportation.

The city intends to operate this academy every fall, and is considering offering a class in the spring.

All Joplin citizens, business owners, and individuals who work in Joplin are encouraged to apply. Applications are due by Aug. 3. The academy is accepting a total of 25 individuals, and preference will be given to Joplin citizens. But don’t wait too long, according to Onstot.

“We offer 25 seats for the program in this inaugural offering. And right now I understand we are very close to that number, so there has been a high interest in this as we have introduced it.”  

For more information, including class schedules and application forms, click here.