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UMKC and MSU Sign Agreement to provide Doctor of Pharmacy program in Springfield

KSMU File photo

The University of Missouri-Kansas City and MSU have joined hands to allow students on the MSU campus to enroll in UMKC’s Doctor of Pharmacy degree program.

Several elected officials, including Governor Jay Nixon, were at a signing ceremony Friday afternoon in MSU’s downtown Brick City facility where the pharmacy classes will be based.

UMKC will administer the program. The Chancellor of UMKC is Leo Morton.  He said the UMKC School of Pharmacy has won national awards for the last four years for its excellence in community service.

Governor Nixon said the collaboration between the two schools will increase the number of pharmacy professionals in southwest Missouri.   The state legislature approved two-million dollars in appropriations to get the program set up.

The first class will begin in 2014, allowing current students to take the two years of prerequisites needed to get into the program.  The track is set to produce 30 pharmacists per class.