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Art and Design Department at MSU is Going International

MSU Exhibition Center / Photo Credit: Missouri State University

 Through a new partnership with Far East University in South Korea, Missouri State University students will be able to exhibit their art and design projects overseas. Currently, the University is displaying works from Korean students in an exhibit entitled, “Exchange”. KSMU’s Shannon Bowers has this report.
The exhibit at the MSU Student Gallery primarily features works of animation, digital arts and graphic design. For some students, like Michael Fay, the job search is now international.  
“If I can get a job internationally that would be incredible. If I could work for one of the studios there or just be outsourced for work from any of those studios, that would be phenomenal,” said Fay.
Fay is a senior in computer animation at MSU and has a peice in the exhibit. When he saw his work compared to the works of Korean students, He knew he had to kick it into gear in order to keep up internationally.  
“I mean I am proud of my work. I put a lot of work into. It is just now, seeing the comparison, I know that I can do more,” said Fay.
At the end of October, the “Exchange” exhibit will be taken down and flown off to Far East University in Korea. It will then be displayed at their student art gallery. Kay Youn is the assistant professor of art and design at MSU. He put together the international exhibit program and says that this is just the beginning.  
“T his is the one baby foot step to vamping these kinds of international featurings to MSU Students... This is my intention, showing more international design traditions and cultures to MSU Students,” said Youn.  
“The quality of work I have been producing is nowhere near on par with the global standard. I really hope going there will help me get on the path to creating that great of work,” said Fay.
Next semester, 15 art and design students from Missouri State will visit South Koreas’ Far East University as well as several commercial design studios. Fay, and others, hope their work will be positively recognized, perhaps earning them a job after graduation.
For KSMU News, I’m Shannon Bowers