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Local Team helps with Hurricane Sandy Relief Efforts

Courtsey of Dale Moore

The Region D Incident Support Team of the Springfield-Greene County Office of Emergency Management is one week into relief efforts for Nassau County, New York, one of the areas hit hardest by Hurricane Sandy.

 “A lot of work to be done, a lot of progress being made but, still lots to do,” said Moore.

Seven days ago, Dale Moore, the spokesperson for the Office of Emergency Management, as well as 15 others left, driving 25 hours from Springfield to Nassau County. They were called to relieve the New York Incident Management Team, who had been working since Hurricane Sandy hit Long Island, October 30th.

He explained that the team has been working with the local offices to provide logistical supply and support, as well as logging assets, public health information, and resource tracking for the 1.7 million resident of Nassau County.  They are also working on debris removal.

“I can’t even describe how tall the debris pile is because they have had to pull everything out and put it to the street curb, much like we did in the ‘07 ice storm. Instead of limbs and branches though, it’s personal belongings. It is quite stunning to see that,” said Moore

Further details and photographs on The Region D Incident Support Team’s relief efforts to hurricane Sandy visit their Tumblr. They provide daily updates on their effrots as well as photographs from the ground and from an areal perspective.

For KSMU News I’m Shannon Bowers.