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MSU Professor Releases Classical CD: "The Lotus Pond"

Missouri State University music professor Dr. Cynthia Green Libby has released her own classical CD called “The Lotus Pond.”  The CD features music composed by multi-cultural artists and performed by MSU music faculty.

Featuring the sounds of the oboe accompanied by piano, harp and percussion instruments, Libby’s classical CD has been in the making for about two years now. She's a professor of world music, so she thinks it's important for students to listen to music that's different from their own cultures.

“The Lotus Pond” is comprised of a variety of oboe styles performed by Libby and composed by multi-cultural artists like Elizabeth Vercoe and Marcelle Soulage.

“I really love the sound of the oboe and the harp together. The oboe itself is this exotic sound very expressive and passionate but the harp on the other hand is the perfect complement because it’s so soothing and calming,” said Libby.

One of the pieces featured in Libby’s CD is by an MSU graduate: Derek Limback. He's now the director of bands in St. James, Missouri.

“This piece was commissioned by the harpist and I in 2010 and shortly after he finished the sketches for the work one of his students was killed on a bus trip,” said Libby. "The three movements in his piece are titled after words at that depict the girl lost on that trip. Resilience, Beauty, and Joy”

Libby says she enjoys featuring music that has a creative spirit and loves that her CD features works by women composers and other underrepresented composers of our time.

“The Lotus Pond” features world premier recordings and is available on Amazon as well as in the MSU Bookstore, Hoover music, and Barnes and Nobel.

For KSMU News, I’m Shannon Bowers.