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Trauma Centers Try to Prevent Halloween Accidents With a Few Tips


Halloween can be a fun and exciting night for all ages, as long as no one gets hurt. CoxHealth urges parents to keep a few safety tips in mind during this Halloween season, as KSMU’s Shannon Bowers reports.

Helping your little ghosts and goblins stay safe this Halloween starts by finding the right costume to wear. Jamie Blackwell is the program manager at CoxHealth and works in the emergency room on Halloween night.

“Halloween can actually be very busy in the ER depending on the kind of patients that come in. We see a lot of patient that come in as a result of falls. If children are out running around with costumes on that are really long they may fall and injure their wrists, ankles, et cetera,” said Blackwell.

Experts also recommend that costumes are flame resistant and that all accessories--like swords--are short, soft, and flexible. Kids walking the streets should always carry a light and use reflective tape on costumes and bags so drivers can easily see them crossing the street.

Blackwell says that the biggest thing parents can do to keep their children safe on Halloween is to supervise them during trick-or-treating. Go over basic safety tips with your child, like looking both ways before crossing the street, appropriate houses to visit, and not entering the home or apartment of someone they don’t know.

For KSMU News, I’m Shannon Bowers.

Extra Halloween Safety Tips