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International Students Descend Upon MSU for Fall Semester

After less than a week in the United States, one would think that an international student may have a few fears. But these international students were nothing but excited.

Du Xin Tong is from the northeastern part of China in a city called Harbin. Like many students from the Far East, she has chosen an American name for herself: Violet. The students say this makes for an easier transition. Violet says she thinks people in Springfield are very nice because they are always smiling. 

“I heard from my relatives, some of them have graduated from here. Some of them already joined the American nationality. I don’t have that plan, but they think America is well and Missouri State is very nice for us to live and study,” said Violet.

Violet will study finance. She wants to pursue her graduate education in New Zealand because she loves to sail. When she returns to China, she aspires to work at a bank, she says. 

Beginning his studies as a graduate Student of Geospatial Sciences, Andrew Formen is required to teach a class at Missouri State University. He is from Bristol, England, but worked at a summer camp in Missouri last year. The friends he made at camp got him interested in MSU. 

“I have always wanted to work abroad away from England. It has always been a thing that I have wanted to do so I guess if I get offered a job around here that would be fantastic or a different country that would be good as well,” said Andrew

He says he's a little nervous about teaching, but is confident that it will help toward his thesis. 

Jasung Lee's American name is "Emma," and she's from Seoul, South Korea. She says she heard about Missouri State University from one of her mother’s friends and has friends here to help her with her studies.  

“I want to do the double major and one minor, basically hotel management and entertainment management. They are similar so it will be easier for me. I am going to do Chinese as a minor. I want to go to graduate school and get master’s degree and then maybe apply for jobs,” said Emma.

These international students say they are excited to receive an American education, but are even more excited see the different cultures America has to offer.

Juan Cabrera is from Pereira, Colombia, and learned English when he was 11.

“When I had this opportunity I say “oh my god this is what I really want!” I applied and they admitted me so I am here and I am so excited. I am not nervous. I have a lot of expectations but not fears just like okay let’s get into it. Let’s get into business,” said Cabrera

Classes begin August 20nd.

For KSMU News I’m Shannon Bowers