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Democratic Primary Election Watch Party Hosted by Gov. Nixon in Springfield


On Tuesday night, Greene County Democrats gathered to host a Primary Election Night watch party at the University Plaza Hotel in Springfield. Attendees included Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon and State Attorney General Chris Koster, both of whom are running for reelection in November. Both men addressed a crowd made up of local supporters, and outlined their plans of action between now and November.  KSMU’s Rebekah Clark reports.


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Just as the Rolling Stones song “Start Me Up” finished playing, the ballroom lights dimmed and every spotlight centered on Koster. Hundreds of Democrats surrounded the stage, holding signs and posters. The majority of them bore Nixon’s name. Koster quieted the crowd as he urged the supporters to turn their attention to the fall.

“Now over the next 90 days, Missourians will hear two very different visions for our future. While some candidates reject the values of experience in search of something that’s untested and new, true leaders return us to our roots, remind us of our traditions, and center us in stormy seas.”

That seemed to be the common message that both Koster and Nixon promoted more than any other during the gathering: experience in office. Each strongly addressed the value of the work they put into the last term in office. Nixon pointed to the state's balanced budget over the past four years, and said he's set an all-time record for state funding of public school programs and real-world training for students.

“We have more work to do, no doubt about it. And we won’t rest until everyone who wants a job has a job. But the progress we have made in southwest Missouri, and the way that we’ve gone about doing it, speaks to how we’ve done things across the entire state the last four years.”  

Both Nixon and Koster also said that their opponents, namely Republican candidates Dave Spence and Ed Martin, do not bring that same experience to the table. 

Local supporters, like Bob Davis who moved to Springfield from Houston, Missouri, says he believes in Jay Nixon and what he has done for the state in the last four years.

“I think that Gov. Nixon has had to face some tough situations in this term.”

Situations, he says, like the tornado in Joplin. Davis says he thinks Nixon did a good job of handling that disaster. He also says he thinks Nixon has a very good chance of getting re-elected.

For KSMU News, I’m Rebekah Clark.