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A Boy's Eye View of The Ozark Empire Fair

ZANDER: “IM GUNNA RIDE…… I have no idea.”

Zander Troy walks through the Ozark Empire Fair with his mother and three brothers, trying to decide what to ride first. There is a lot going on as a vendor try to persuade the brothers to throw darts. Another vendor tries convincing them to hit plastic targets with water guns. With the smell of fried food overwhelming the senses and the boys' strong desire for thrill, there is a lot of debate between Zander’s brothers. Zander, however, has only one ride in mind.

ZANDER: “Actually, I wanna do that apple one.”

ZANDER’S MOTHER: “You wanna do the apple? Are you serious?”

ZANDER: “Hey, I like apples!”

Zander patiently with his mother at the bottom of the 50 foot tall rainbow colored slide his brothers have chosen. Zander’s brothers begin their trek up the five-story high staircase.

Zander’s mom talks with him about all of his other options.

ZANDER’S MOTHER: “You don’t want to ride the balloons or the jeeps over there, go in circles, or the racing cars?”

ZANDER: “Im gunna do the apple and I am gunna do…. That’s its… two times. I wanna go to the APPLE.”

ZANDERS MOM: “Just a minute honey.”

ZANDER: “UGH.” Zander

As his brothers slide down the oversized slide in burlap Sacks,an anxious Zander talks about why he wants to ride the apple.

ZANDER: “I wanna see what one is safer, what one is not the one, that has scary.” 07.30

Zander’s Brothers rush over after the epic slide. It is now time to go on Zanders choice ride. The Apple.

TICKET VENDOR: “All right come on up, can I have your tickets please.”

ZANDER’S MOTHER: “Zander, give her your tickets.”

TICKET VENDOR: “Thank you.”

Stepping into the Apple feels similar to stepping into a sauna. The ride begins and Zander’s brother Gabe insists on spinning inside the apple… And Zander is not happy about it.

GABE: “Whoohooo!” - Gabe

ZANDER: “I don’t wanna spin it.”

GABE: “Oh well!”- Gabe

ZANDER: “When I puke, Im gunna puke on you.” -Zander

ZANDER: “Awww the rides over!”

To help Zander’s weary stomach, the family heads over to the funnel cake stand where they listen to the Missouri State Pride Band and laugh about their evening.

For KSMU News I’m Shannon Bowers