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Heat-Related Illnesses Rise in Greene County

For nearly three weeks, Greene County has been under an extreme heat advisory. As a result, the number of heat-related illnesses in the county has risen. KSMU’s Brittany Donnellan reports.

The Springfield-Greene County Health Department reports that there have been 178 cases of heat-related illnesses this summer, and 43 of those individuals were hospitalized for their condition.  While no heat-related deaths have been reported in Greene County, 28 people have died from the extreme heat throughout Missouri.

Mike Brothers, the Public Information Administrator for the Springfield-Greene County Health Department, says there is an increase in these numbers over previous years.

“We are seeing more heat-related illnesses this year than last year, and everybody knows last summer was very hot, as well.”

In order to reduce the number of heat-related illnesses, eight cooling centers have been opened to the public in Springfield.  These locations include the American Red Cross, Ozarks Technical Community College, the Salvation Army, both YMCA locations, Chesterfield Family Center, Doling Family Center, and the Mediacom Ice Park.

For a complete list of cooling centers, you can visit our website. 

For KSMU News, this is Brittany Donnellan.

·American Red Cross, 1545 N. West Bypass

·Ozarks Technical Community College (Commons), 933 E. Central St.

·Salvation Army, 1707 W. Chestnut Expressway

·YMCA, 1901 E. Republic Road

·YMCA, 417 S. Jefferson Ave.

·Chesterfield Family Center lobby, 2511 W. Republic Road

·Doling Family Center lobby, 310 E. Talmage St.

·Mediacom Ice Park upper and lower lobbies, 635 E. Trafficway