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Red Cross Responds to Chardonnay Apartment Fire

Today (Wednesday morning), a fire broke out at the Chardonnay Apartment Complex in Springfield. According to the Springfield Fire Department, careless smoking caused the fire that caused extensive damage to the 48-unit building. The American Red Cross is responding to the incident by giving assistance to residents who lost their homes. KSMU’s Rebekah Clark has more.


The Fire Department confirmed that the fire was an accident and started on the second floor balcony of the complex. All 48 apartments were evacuated, with no reports of injury to the occupants. Two firefighters sustained minor injuries.

The Red Cross is helping 31 people by supplying their immediate needs. That includes things like getting them eye glasses or medications that may have been lost in the fire. Nigel Holderby is spokesperson for the Red Cross of the Southern Missouri Region.

“We responded immediately with our Emergency Response Vehicle which took water to help provide refreshment for the firefighters who were out there in the heat, to make sure that they were taken care of, as well as the residents there who had been moved over to the Clubhouse for some shelter this morning to work with case workers who immediately began to determine the needs of these people who were affected.”  

Holderby says residents in the complex started helping each other out as soon as they heard about the fire.

“It’s wonderful, one of the ladies that I talked to there at the apartment complex, one of the management team, she said that this is a community and everyone knows each other. So they all worked very hard, as soon that it was identified that there was a fire, they were going door to door and making sure to notify their neighbors and make sure that everyone was awake and that everyone was out. So there were no injuries.”

The Red Cross and the Greene County Office of Emergency Management both assisted the Springfield Emergency Vet Clinic to help pets affected by the fire. Members from the clinic have been working with pet owners to ensure that these animals receive the care they need.

Holderby says the apartment complex management team was able to get residents relocated to another apartment complex in the area. The Red Cross Shelter operation is not active at this time and is standing down. The organization will continue to work with each of the individuals on a case by case basis.

The fire department estimates that this fire caused about $2 million in damage.

For KSMU News, I’m Rebekah Clark.