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Evangel Athletes Help Salvation Army at Battlefield Mall

In support of the Salvation Army Tree of Lights Campaign, all of the sports teams from Evangel University are giving time ringing bells at Battlefield Mall. KSMU’s Matthew Barnes reports.

[Nats: bells]

Greeting people with a smile and familiar bells of the season, the athletes at Evangel are braving the first snow of the season to help those in need.  Hector Sotelo is a  football player for Evangel.

“You know we’re just out here because, part of our mantra. We are football players, but we like to help our community. So every chance we get coach Helium helps us out or sets something up for us.  And we like to come out here, you know, and just show that we are a part of our community and like to be out here,” Sotelo says.

Like Sotelo, many of Evangel’s other athletes are excited to be able to help the community. Drew O’Cain is also a football player.

“I’ve gotten, maybe, ten dollars in the pot. So I’m ok with that, that’s something. Something is better than nothing,”O’Cain says.

Organized by The Evangel Athletics Ministry, this is the first time that teams have given their services to the Salvation Army as bellringers. According to Evangel student Amy Grossklag, this probably will not be the last.

“I think that, because it has gone so well that every year we can come back and do it again,” Grossklag says.

For KSMU News, I’m Matthew Barnes.