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'Occupy Springfield' Protesters Plan Oct. 15th March

Growing support for the Occupy Wall Street movement has spread all across the nation.  As many cities prepare to stage their own occupy movements, residents of Springfield are also displaying their solidarity with the cause.  KSMU’s Matthew Barnes reports.

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All across the nation, and now locally, the rumblings of the Occupy movement are being heard. The second meeting of the Occupy Springfield movement took place at Phelps Grove Park Wednesday night, where many people presented their ideas. One person was a college-aged man with a red sweater and Scarf.

“ I just came down here to meet people. I’m not a Springfield resident or going to be here long term. But I feel like part of what’s allowed the situation to get as bad as it has nationally is that people don’t know their neighbors or their community. So once we get to know each other and kind of have a support network then we won’t be as reliant on anonymous goods and services that have disempowered us thus far. So it’s more about community for me.”

About a hundred or more people met to discuss how to take action against the growing disparity of wealth in the nation. While many at the assembly where for a display of action, the decision making process took some time.

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The group discussed into the night the best location for their upcoming rally.

“I would be much more in favor of a day to day occupation, a centralized location and possibly twenty four by seven when we are more able to deal with it.”

“I am very anxious to get out there, I am very anxious to get out there but that last thing we want to do is bomb at it folks we have one shot at this.”

At the end of the meeting the decision was made to gather at 10 a.m October 15that the Park Central Square to show solidarity with the rest of the Occupy Movement around the nation. From the square they will march to the Kitchen and donate whatever possible.

For more information go to For KSMU News, I’m Matthew Barnes. 

The Occupy Springfield movement can be reach through their facebook group:!/OccupySpringfieldMO