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Dynamic Earth Offers "Big Book Crusade"

As technology grows, tools that people used to rely on become obsolete. For many, the phone book is one of these tools. KSMU’s Adam Hammons has more on how one company is holding “The Book Book Crusade” on Earth Day to recycle as many of these books as they can.

While trying to cut down on expenses, Matt O’Reilly, the owner of Dynamic Earth, a local outdoor equipment store, came across a large expense for phone books. When he tallied everything up, O’Reilly realized he was paying eight-thousand dollars a year for advertising in these books company wide. “We don’t get any calls from people that find us in the phone book, so we decided that we would re-allocate those funds to more modern, more effective forms of advertising.”O’Reilly says he hopes to cut down on the waste of phone books by only giving them to people who use them. “Unlike the internet, the listings in a phone book aren’t contextual. They’re not accompanied with reviews, or product content, or anything like that. They’re just a listing under sporting goods.”To entice people to recycle their phone books, throughout the month of April Dynamic Earth has been holding the “Big Book Crusade.” Customers have been bringing in unwanted books to either location for recycling. Computers were also on hand for customers who wanted to “opt out” of receiving future phone books. The last day to bring in books is on Earth Day, Friday April 22. where workers will do more than just recycle the books.“Recycling is cool, but re-purposing is cooler. One of the things that we’ve decided to do with all these phone books to illustrate the mass of the waste is to build things out of them.”O’Reilly says they’ll be building a desk, dartboards, art-work and other items. He says some of the phone book art will be auctioned off live and on eBay. Proceeds will go to a local recycling program held by middle school children. Books not made into art will be recycled. Anyone who brings in a phone book and opts out of receiving them in the future will get a 20 percent coupon for the store. The Springfield location is on east Republic Road near National Avenue.For KSMU News, I’m Adam Hammons.